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no longer in the night need hide:

“Climate models – there aren’t any”, I lamented in , asking “Where are the Real-Climate-Modellers? Certainly not here: “. 

But then, I read this:

Trafford Publishing
Printed by Ltd, Marston Gate, UK [no date given]

 I let the back cover speak for itself:

To quote the author with a few excerpts:

“First and foremost, what you are about to read in this book regarding climate change is unvarnished, with no punches pulled…. This book will, however, be what every American and citizen of the world needs to know most about our climate. It will be something you have not been allowed to hear for almost twenty years.  It will be – the truth.”

“Within a few weeks after this most important Bi-Centennial Cycle discovery, I had formulated the Theory of Relational Cycles of Solar Activity, or the RC theory, to account for its effects and those of other similar cycles. Here then is that theory and its seven main elements that came from my independent research. It is my fondest hope that with the growing support the theory is receiving from top researchers and scientists from around the world, the next global climate change, which will be a return to a deep and prolonged cold period, will nonetheless be met by a people well prepared to endure it.

The Theory of Relational Cycles of Solar Activity
(The RC Theory)

  1. There exists a family of solar activity cycles that has a profound and direct influence on Earth’s climate.
  2. These cycles are called “relational cycles,” since their effects can be experienced or related to during one or two human lifetimes.
  3. There is a “Centennial Cycle” of ninety to one hundred years’ duration, which manifests itself with solar activity minimums and associated low temperatures, with episodes lasting a few years to one to two decades.
  4. There is a “Bi-Centennial Cycle” of about 206 years that is the most powerful of the relational cycles and has significant effects on the climate of the Earth, lasting several decades and resulting in the most extreme variations in solar activity and in Earth’s temperatures.
  5. These cycles are correlated strongly to all past major temperature lows.
  6. There is remarkable regularity within and hence predictability from these oscillations, such that the theory may be a powerful tool in forecasting major temperature and climate cycles on Earth, many decades in advance.
  7. There may be other relational cycles of shorter duration accounting for lesser solar and climate events, which may be revealed in subsequent research.”

A Real-Climate-Modeller at last!  

ADDENDUM  17 NOV 2014  10:29 GMT

A BBC NEWS video has been published with comment on Robert Felix's web site:

and a second link to the video only