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hic sunt dracones mundi totius
 Brian Dunning in Google Images

    apposite header for this update on global dragons:

World Ahead Publishing Inc, Los Angeles CA, First Edition 2005

From the Introduction:

          “..... As the New York Times columnist David Brooks put it, the UN has become the instrument of ‘elites’ and ‘technocrats’ who want to turn the unelected bodies of the UN and related global forums into some sort of ‘supranational authority’. (For the sake of clarity, we’ll refer to these elitists throughout as ‘globalists’.)
          Secretary-General Kofi Annan – and Boutros Boutros-Ghali before him – have actively promoted this ideology, with the encouragement from the majority of developing countries who dominate the UN’s General Assembly and stand to gain from the world organization’s aggrandizement at the expense of the United States.  Sympathetic world leaders like French President Jacques Chirac, prominent liberal ‘thought’ leaders like Bill Clinton and his Presidential aspirant wife Hilary, and the editorial board of the New York Times all contribute to giving the globalists a prominent platform on the world stage.
          Copious funding from Billionaires such as George Soros and Ted Turner keep the globalist propaganda machine whirling away. The globalists’ left-wing, anti-American proselytizing is additionally facilitated by the immense resources afforded them by private, unelected and unaccountable advocacy organizations – known as NGOs – including such extremist groups as Amnesty International and Greenpeace.
          While the UN’s past failures and present travails get most of the media attention, the real story lies in the dangerous direction the organization is taking with globalists at the helm .....”

TYGER angry in the night
in the forest, not so bright

ooo 000 ooo

But Sustainability could be unravelled and defined:

 SUSTAINABILITY - THE FULL MONTY  is published by Lulu Press, at                                                                                  



  1. I don’t like that use of the word “globalist.” I’d rather that applied to those who see virtue in free trade and widespread exchange of information and ideas without erection of artificial and divisive constraints; openness and diversity rather than a centrally-controlled omnipotent bureaucratic body which seeks to dictate what is good and proper rather than encouraging individuals to seek their own understanding.

    1. That's why the TYGER is ANGRY!
      Have you read the book yet?
      Meanwhile try 'Why I do what I do':