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As I mentioned this word in my SAMIZDAT post of 11 July 2013, some further comments and considerations appear warranted.

Gleichschaltung, as dictionary defined – “the standardization of political, economic, and social institutions in authoritarian states” – certainly forgets to mention also the standardization of language, press and all other media. Dr Edgar Feuchtwanger, in new perspective Vol 7,  No 2, (to be found at, has this to say about Gleichschaltung:
“As a totalitarian regime the Third Reich developed its own language, a perversion of the German language. The control of hearts and minds, to which totalitarian political systems aspire, necessitates such a perversion of the normal use of language. Meaning is twisted and distorted in such a way that the citizens of a totalitarian state can no longer distinguish truth from falsehood. They are reduced to such a state of confusion and impotence that they can be fully manipulated by the dictatorial government. George Orwell’s famous books 1984 and Animal Farm are the classic fictional statements of this aspect of totalitarianism. In 1984 there is a Ministry of Truth, modelled on the Ministry of Propaganda and Popular Enlightenment established by Goebbels.”

“Hold on”, you say, "but we live in democracies, not authoritarian states". Well, if we are so democratic, we wouldn’t have any of this obvious Gleichschaltung in language, media, taxation, finance and other laws and regulations (not forgetting public relations and university finance), but since we do have it, we obviously are living in somewhat authoritarian states, albeit via supranational forms of authoritarianisms.

Vaclav Klaus, while President of the Czech Republic, was the only elected head of any EU nation resisting EU and IPCC Gleichschaltung.  Wikipedia notes:  “Klaus is a strong critic of the theories that any global warming is anthropogenic. He has also criticized the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as a group of politicized scientists with one-sided opinions and one-sided assignments. He has said that some other top-level politicians do not expose their doubts about global warming being anthropogenic because ‘a whip of political correctness strangles their voices’.“  

Helmut Schmidt,  the  former German Chancellor, in his address to the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft on the occasion of its Centenary Ceremony on 11 January 2011 in Berlin, had this to say under the title  

The Responsibility of Research in the 21st Century 

“… 5. In addition to all the above-mentioned problems caused by humans, we are simultaneously disturbed by the phenomenon of global warming and its consequences.  We know that ice ages and warm periods have always been natural events; but we do not know how great a contribution humans will make, now and in the future, to the present-day global warming.  The "climate policies" propagated internationally by many governments are still in early stages.  The documents so far delivered by an international group of scientists (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC) are encountering scepticism.  In any case, the goals publicly announced by some governments have so far been based less on scientific than on merely political arguments. I think it is time for one of our top scientific organisations to put the work of the IPCC critically and realistically under the lens, and then to explain the conclusions drawn from this examination to the general public of our country, in an understandable way...” 

Not to be overlooked is that virtually all states accept the IPCC bribe of Taxing Air (as the book with this title by Bob Carter* & John Spooner just published by Kelpie Press in Australia explains). Dead horse trading, if ever there was some:  Carbon trading worldwide reached $126 billion in 2008 [Jo Nova’s SPPI paper Climate Money et al  ], and just how much this IPCC collection of tributes costs the UK alone, is stated by Matt Ridley in his Angus Millar Lecture of the Royal Society of Arts Edinburgh, 31 October 2011: "Remember Britain's unilateral Climate Change Act is officially expected to cost the hard-pressed UK economy £18.3 billion a year for the next 39 years and achieve an immeasurably small change in carbon dioxide levels." [ ]

*Breaking News (anyway, as of 28 June 2013):
“One of Australia's most prominent climate change sceptics believes he has been dumped by James Cook University because of his outspoken views. Professor Bob Carter, who argues global warming stopped 17 years ago, has been given his marching orders after 32 years at the university.”
Apart from his previous book - Climate: the Counter Consensus, Prof Carter is also known for his cost assessment of the biggest dead horse trade ever: “ the world had wasted $2-3 trillion on the Kyoto Protocol, to no effect whatsoever".

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